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How it works ?

1- Make the purchase of one box and a subscription on our site to start the service IPTV-ACTION

2- Once the box as arrived home, write to us via the chat bubble bottom right of the website.

One of our agents will activate your subscription and you assist with connection from your box. 

3-When the connection is established, all you have to do is discover all your favorite TV stations.

What you need

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A Box

We strongly recommend one of our box IPTV-ACTION, since we can ensure their smooth running.

However, be aware that our service may operate on any device  who has the possibility to download an app!

   Here are some examples:

  • A computer (PC)

  • Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, MAC

  • android box, android phone

  • Smart TV that can download apps

  • Firestick Amazon

  • Google chrome cast, Google TV

A subscription

The subscription Diablo Pro Elite works on any device that can download an app.

It is important to know that the visual of the interface, the channel guide and the menu changes from one device to another.

The decoders we offer are of superior quality.  They offer the interface the most defined, simple and easy to use.


Our decoders are specially created to be connected to Diablo subscription service. If you order your android box or any other device than with IPTV-ACTION, and that the platform does not work properly, we we will not be responsible for it. Thank you for your understanding.

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